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Berezovsky trial postponed

RIGA - The Latvian Supreme Court Senate has postponed Russian exile Boris Berezovksy's hearing 's ov

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Lavrov draws attention to Russian minorities

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has complained about alleged rights violations of the Russian

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Lithuania opens free radio waves to Belarus

Baltic Waves Radio, which has been broadcasting from Lithuania to Belarus for six years, wi

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Movie review

DerailedGood Night, and Good LuckSaw IIDerailed I'm

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War of words

Steven Spielberg responded testily to critics who have complained about his humanistic portrayal of

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My Prima Donna Swamp Princess [ 18 ] : Pilgrimage

Other than a few jibes at my taste in music, Arva was quiet for most of the ride. It's not every day

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Ice sculptures inspire wintry awe

JELGAVA - Alongside negative 20 degree arctic winds, January has another icy gift in store for Latv

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An unconventional sort of race

VILNIUS - Believe it or not, some people rejoice in the cold weather and pray for it to get even mor

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TBT recommends - 2006-01-25

EstoniaLE BONAPARTEFinally, a restaurant for the romanitic. Le Bonaparte's me

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Navitrolla sets sail for the high seas

TALLINN - Navitrolla's weird, bright-hued creatures have become a staple of contemporary Tallinn. Ma

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