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Mother nature (frost)bites Baltics with extreme cold, record temperatures

TALLINN-RIGA-VILNIUS - Arctic winds and record-low temperatures de-scended on the three Baltic stat

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Baltics brace against arctic cold

RIGA - Mother nature stung the Baltic with an artic wind this week, with temperatures falling as lo

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Soviet coup plotter released from prison

VILNIUS - Mykolas Burokevicius, an organizer of a failed coup d'etat and the January 1991 massacre d

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Investigators clear Brazauskas of wrongdoing

VILNIUS - After nearly two months of an intense investigation, Vilnius prosecutors closed a probe in

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Bringing Latvian song to France

Riga - After the incredible success of "Amazing Latvia," the cultural festival that took place in fo

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There you are Moscow, Moscow

VILNIUS - "Moscow, Moscow:" Whether it's deliberate or not, the name of the recently opened Russian

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TBT recommends - 2006-01-18

EstoniaA CENTURY OF THEATERThe exhibition "Year of Estonian Theater" is divid

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Estonia celebrates a beautiful mind

TALLINN - What would Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart think if he were alive today? Heavy Metal, British pop,

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Movie review

ZathuraJarheadDay WatchZathura There is something wo

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