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G8 summits have always consisted of several tons of media hype and a few ounces of definitive substa

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On carrots, sticks and the Latvian media

He is arguably Latvia's most widely known and respected journalist. Having begun as a staff reporter

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Nelson the terrorist

The oddest bit of news this week has been the tale of the hunt for Nelson Mandela's pistol, buried o

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Breathe your own air

Last week the U.S. Surgeon General issued a much-anticipated report on smoking and tobacco-related i

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Estonia braces itself for electoral crunch

With Estonia's Parliament scheduled on Aug. 28 to cast ballots for a new president, analysts and pol

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In a recent interview, Latvian Economy Minister Aigars Stokenbergs said that Latvia, which is distin

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Post-communist nomenclature must come to an end

Just as The Baltic Times was going to press, Lithuanians learned that coalition talks between the Ho

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Children should not be raised in hatred

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice-President, distinguished representatives of the American people, As a Specia

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There has been no other week like it in the past 15 years. In a span of three days, two deals worth

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'You can't lie to a whole country'

Audrius Siaurusevicius is the most distinguished and renowned figure in Lithuanian broadcast journal

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