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Cheney and Russia: useful hypocrisy?

Had U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney declared during his visit to Kazakhstan last weekend that "in ma

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Organizational nightmare gets off to smooth start

In hosting the 2006 World Ice Hockey Championship, Riga opened its doors to the biggest tourism spec

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As expected, last week's summit in Vilnius made international headlines, though the soundbites ended

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Time for trans-national environmental cooperation

Estonia is still recuperating from its worst environmental disaster in history 's two oil spills tha

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Battleground for two giants: the Baltic Airline market

For more than a year now, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have gained immensely from European discount

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It is seldom when a Baltic state makes headlines around the globe, and for the international press t

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When the world's eyes are resting on you

On May 5, Riga will host the much anticipated 2006 World Ice-hockey Championship, where Latvia will

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Remembering the Armenian Genocide

This is the 91st year that we commemorate the genocide. What stands out in your mind as you think

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The standoff between the Estonian government and Baltic Rail Services, a private company that owns a

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Lithuania's parliament 'now in dire straits,' but hope is not lost

On April 11, a sudden no-confidence vote shook the national legislature after it removed long-time s

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