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The scrooge of Kalpaka Street in foul Xmas mood

As a rule, diplomats are a taciturn class. They are constricted by the ethics of their profession, s

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A Lithuanian 'matter of honor'

Lithuanian Prime Minister Gediminas Kirkilas announced last month that he would resign "as a matter

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In the Baltics, the word "billion" is a stranger. It appears every so often, and usually in relation

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Pursuit for equal rights continues

Recently The Baltic Times interviewed Estonian Population Minister Paul-Eerik Rummo and asked some c

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Never before has the Baltic region seen such a flurry on infrastructure activity. In one week a powe

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Georgia is strengthening democratic belt around Russia

If there's any country in the region that needs public relations, it's Georgia. After Russia imposed

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Politics is a lot like rock-n-roll: It pays to be the last on stage. The annals of rock music are fi

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An academic with ambition

Does Estonia have too many professors? Ene Ergma believes so. A prominent politician and renowned fo

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On the Kremlin's menu: poison and Polish beef

The two biggest news items last week in Europe 's the failure of the European Union to reach a conse

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A question of intent

The recent NATO summit in Latvia attracted far more attention than might normally be expected. For s

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