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Lietuva in brief - 2006-05-17

Aras Baskauskas, a yoga trainer living in California, won $1 million after becoming the winner of a

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Belarusian ambassador: refugee scare is a myth

VILNIUS - The new Belarusian ambassador to Lithuania, Vladimir Drazhin, has denied information that

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Foreign ministers highlight energy as national priority

VILNIUS/TALLINN - Once again, Baltic leaders have brought international discussion back to the subje

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Vaitiekunas to take place of Valionis

VILNIUS - Current Ambassador to Belarus Petras Vaitiekunas was nominated to take over the foreign mi

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European Commission decides Lithuania unprepared to introduce euro in 2007

VILNIUS - Te European Commission and the European Central Bank said on May 16 that Lithuania is not

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Lietuva in brief - 2006-05-10

Firemen spent four days battling a huge forest fire on the Curonian Spit. By the time the last smold

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Adamkus calls for common energy policy

VILNIUS - Speaking at last week's forum, President Valdas Adamkus urged the European Union to agree

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Muntianas joins mutiny, leaves Centrists, while Civil Democrats cut deal with government

VILNIUS - Parliamentary Speaker Viktoras Muntianas announced last week that he was leaving the Labor

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Cheney castigates Russia's energy policy, Kremlin's authoritarianism

VILNIUS - In a speech engineered to provide a wake-up call for Europe, U.S. Vice President Dick Chen

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Social Liberals join 'constructive' opposition, Valionis calls for intensive integration

VILNIUS - The Social Liberal Union, which left the ruling coalition several weeks ago, announced ove

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