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Lietuva in brief - 2006-02-08

The extradition case of former Russian banker Igor Babenko, suspected of fraud in Russia, will not b

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Politicians, academics warn of rising Russian menace

VILNIUS - Two Lithuanian members of the European Parliament and a renowned scholar have spoken out a

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Report: EU accession breeds intolerance, greed

VILNIUS - Tolerance, a central pillar for the stable development of a democratic society, is fading

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Does Gazprom have a master pipeline plan?

RFE/RL - Russia's state-controlled monopoly Gazprom is the world's largest gas company and the 10th

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Lietuva in brief - 2006-02-01

The opposition has expressed indignation over Prime Minister Algirdas Brazauskas' meeting with Belar

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Conspicuous absence at Davos raises thorny questions

VILNIUS - For two consecutive years, Lithuania's top officials have not received an invitation to on

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Baltic Waves to flood Belarus

VILNIUS - Baltic Waves Radio, which has been broadcasting to Belarus for six years, announced it wou

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Zuokas keeps hold of mayor's seat

VILNIUS - Vilnius Mayor Arturas Zuokas employed sleight-of-hand to outfox his accusers and defy an u

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Lietuva in brief - 2006-01-25

Russian environmental specialists claimed that Lithuania was violating the Baltic Sea Environmental

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Adamkus lashes out at the coalition's ruling council

VILNIUS - President Valdas Adamkus struck out at the political council of the four-party ruling coal

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