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Gazprom hints at significant price increases for Balts, CIS countries

RIGA - The Baltic states received yet another warning that Russia's Gazprom was intent on raising ga

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Parliament lays ground for tourist boom in Estonia

TALLINN - Lawmakers on Nov. 23 approved legislation that provides for issuing single-entry tourist v

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Riga council members leave transport fares untouched

RIGA - The council of Rigas Satiksme (Riga Public Transportation) decided on Nov. 28 that it would n

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Yukos removes favorites TNK-BP, Lukoil from list of potential Mazeikiu buyers

VILNIUS - The ongoing saga of Mazeikiu Nafta and the government's efforts to find a new strategic in

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Belarus opposition asks Lithuania to extend finanical support for media, Internet

VILNIUS - Alexander Milinkevich, the joint opposition candidate for next year's presidential electio

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Talk of Russian-German pipeline still emotional

RIGA - The subject of the Russian-German gas pipeline, which is to be laid on the bottom of the Balt

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Lietuva in brief - 2005-11-30

The nation intends to reduce its military contingent in Iraq twice as of the beginning of next year

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Brazauskas address doesn't live up to expectations

VILNIUS - Cornered by both the president and public opinion, Prime Minister Algirdas Brazauskas went

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Latvija in brief - 2005-11-30

Justice Minister Solvita Aboltina said she would sign a decree removing Inga Cepjolkina from office

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Yukos official seeks asylum in Latvia

RIGA - A top official from the embattled Russian oil giant Yukos has asked for asylum in Latvia. The

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