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Poll highlights security worries

VILNIUS - The Russian Su-27 fighter crash and the investigation that followed has damaged the presti

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NATO, Ukrainian leaders ponder future partnership

VILNIUS - Although no timetable was set, NATO leaders meeting in the Lithuanian capital made it clea

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Latvija in brief - 2005-10-26

In order to provide deeper insight into the life of Latvia's Jews, director Andris Gauja is planning

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Investigations opened into alleged security council leak

RIGA - Interior Minister Eriks Jekabsons' surprise resignation on Oct. 19 has shaken the coalition a

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Art and culture take a new turn

Former columnist, curator, writer of numerous books, and art critic Helena Demakova has long been pr

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Eesti in brief - 2005-10-26

The pro-Kremlin United Russia party congratulated Center Party chief Edgar Savisaar on the party's e

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Faulty panel may have caused crash

TALLINN - U.S. investigators have identified a technical malfunction as a possible cause of the Copt

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Savisaar holds out for official results, Reform Party edged out of key cities

TALLINN - Coalitions materialized in Estonia's large towns throughout the week, while the biggest in

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Berezovsky is not worth Latvia's trouble

Latvia's leadership has awakened and smelled the proverbial coffee. The National Security Council la

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Calls for the demilitarization of Kaliningrad Oblast were an immediate effect of the Russian jet fig

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