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Possible euro delay sends tremor through Latvian government

RIGA - Reacting to a report in the media that Latvia may be tardy in adopting the euro, Finance Mini

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Brussels distributes warnings to Baltic countries

TALLINN - The European Commission sent warnings to Estonia and Latvia's transport ministries to comb

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Motorcyclist's death ruled as 'tragic accident'

RIGA - The Latvian Motor Sports Federation concluded its investigation into the death of motorcyclis

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Jesters, knights and the real Latvia

RIGA - Many Latvians say that to experience "the real Latvia", one has to leave Riga. Little more th

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A celebration in the making

RIGA - Next year, Cesis celebrates its 800th anniversary and celebration organizers are in a frenzy

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Remembering history with music

In the 1940s, more than 200,000 Latvians fled their beloved homeland and the Soviet occupation, many

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Mouths needed for ChiliFest 2005

TALLINN - An event that's likely to raise a few eyebrows and scorch a few tongues, Estonia's very fi

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Hooked on Juodkrante

VILNIUS - Those who can't live a day without baiting a hook should get pack up and head west this we

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Put on your dancing shoes

Sunshine, warm weather, 10 stages, more than 300 of the best DJs from 20 countries and 30,000 guests

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Taking counsel

Who is entitled to acquire land in Latvia?Since Latvia joined the European Union, real e

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