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Europarliament resolution on WWII

European Parliament resolution on the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War on May 8,

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Less than a month after Lithuania's government suffered its first casualty 's the finance minister s

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Eniro sells Baltic subsidiaries

TALLINN - Eniro, a Swedish telephone directory company, announced this week that it is ending operat

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Energy officials want Baltics to remain atomic

VILNIUS - Top executives from the Baltics' three energy companies reiterated in a discussion on ener

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Roadwork receives more funds

TALLINN - Estonia's road administrators said they would focus on rural roads this year, while Latvia

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Narvesen set to outrace inflation

RIGA - Narvesen Baltija, the largest press retail chain in Latvia, increased sales by 10 percent to

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Studies in Norway 's a valuable education alternative

After Latvia joined the EU in May 2004, there has been a wealth of new possibilities for Latvian stu

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Nordic healthcare support reaches millions

VILNIUS - Norway will grant over 200 million litas (58 million euros) to Lithuania over the next fiv

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Changing perceptions herald business growth

RIGA - The most striking feature of Norwegian business in the Baltics is how relatively underdevelop

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Czechs steal Canadian glory

RIGA - The gold medal game of the World Hockey Championships, held in Vienna, Austria on May 15, saw

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