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Taking counsel

In the fight against cartels 's a leniency programCompetition law encompasses different

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Airlines itching to shuttle tourists to islands

TALLINN - Swedish and Finnish airlines have announced that they will begin flights to Saaremaa this

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Now on sale: digital maps of the Baltics

VILNIUS - Navteq, a U.S. digital map and geoinformation system developer, announced that it has begu

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Telecoms teams up to take over Microlink

TALLINN - Elion, Lattelekom and Lietuvos Telekomas announ-ced their intention to sign a cooperation

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Latvian government in double jeopardy with EU, Latvijas Gaze

RIGA - Latvian government officials said they would seek the European Commission's permission to put

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Lietuva in brief - 2005-05-18

A declaration on the establishment of a Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian tripartite parliamentary assembl

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Stagnation among the Social Democrats

VILNIUS - The Social Democratic Party, for years the driving force in Lithuania's government, is fal

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Latvija in brief - 2005-05-18

The Constitutional Court ruled on May 13 that the education reform of 2004 was in line and consisten

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Serial killer receives life sentence

RIGA - The Riga District Court sentenced one of the most prolific serial killer in Latvian history,

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Parliament, government split on resolution

RIGA - After Parliament passed a resolution condemning totalitarian communism on May 12, leading rig

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