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In the Baltics, value-added is a business strategy best played by the Danes

RIGA - "We're a nation of traders. We have no raw materials, so we live from commerce. The more glob

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Thousands turn out for Tallinn's May Run

TALLINN - Some ran, some walked, some pushed babies in strollers. If there was a competitive drive a

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Ventspils takes sixth Championship title

RIGA - Ventspils Basketball Club is a team with a lot to show for its efforts. Beating the Barons/LU

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Movie review

The State Advisor (Statski sovetnik)Sin CitySamaritan GirlThe State Advisor (

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Thank God its folk music Friday

VILNIUS - If there's one thing Lithuanian folk musicians excel at it's throwing a party. Now in its

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Latvia takes fifth in Eurovision

Eurovision; whether you think it's a zoo of stage-performing hyenas or a glamorous tribute to the be

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Top of the class

TALLINN - In my time at The Baltic Times, I've done some mildly intrepid stuff. I've scaled the shee

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TBT recommends - 2005-05-25

ESTONIAFilm and photo exhibitionJune 2-29 's Soprus Cinema, in cooperation wi

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Moby to remix a piece of the Baltics

RIGA - He is a producer, DJ, techno-king, soundtrack genius, rock star and master of all that he tou

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Joint Nordic authority fails to materialize

RIGA - Finance ministers from the Baltic Sea states failed to agree on the creation of a joint banki

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