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Lithuanian MPs appeal to U.S. Congressmen to remind Russia of occupation

Members of Lithuania's parliament on Friday sent a letter to the U.S. Senate and the House of Repres

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Riga Airport to cancel charter flights during Bush visit

Riga International Airport announced on Friday that it will cancel charter flights and small aviatio

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Lithuania's Parliament amends health-insurance law

VILNIUS - Parliament adopted amendments to the health-insurance law on April 28, providing compulsor

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National Bolshevik Party plans protest

RIGA - Riga City Executive Director Eriks Skapars granted local supporters of the Russian extremist

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Looking for the truth behind Lihula

LIHULA - It was the longest article about a Baltic country I had ever read in a German newspaper. At

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China, counterpoint

It was with considerable interest that I read the letter of Max Zavanelli (TBT #453) entitled "China

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Diatcritically challenged

I wish to voice my strong support for the recent letters by Jan Taits and L. Plavina (TBT #448, 452)

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Rice causes Soviet nostalgia to wax poetic

There are many international charades, but the one that continues to amuse is the "friendship" betwe

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'We should repay the Afghans'

Atis Lejins is one of the most prominent commentators on foreign policy in Latvia. Though now head o

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It was a matter of time before the nerves of one of the Baltic governments snapped and ministers beg

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