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Kumu: Estonian art finds a new home

TALLINN - Approaching the Kumu on its quieter, subtler, Kadriorg side, I didn't immediately get a se

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Glued to a screen: the trouble with kids today

VILNIUS - After 10 hours of playing games on a computer, Julius' eyes are red. His face is pale. Alt

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Getting to the root of Latvian philosophy

RIGA - In a recent poll to find 100 important Latvian personalities, Teodors Celms made a somewhat s

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The ins and outs of the Baltic countryside: a special guide

Tourists are flocking to the Baltic states in record numbers or, rather, to the capital cities. But

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The architectural battleground for Lithuanian independence

VILNIUS - In the late 1950s the capitals of the Baltic states were experiencing severe housing short

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National library finally looks set to go ahead

RIGA - The Castle of Light sank and vanished from the landscape in a celebrated poem of the same nam

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Skype shakes up the way

TALLINN - Every 100th person in the world uses Skype to make free calls over the Internet, but few p

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Cinema is like box of chocolates

VILNIUS - A few students enter the green doors of Skalvijos Kino Centras and buy tickets for the upc

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How Latvia's timber trade changed the shape of Europe

RIGA - This year Britain, France and Spain commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafal

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Evald Okas: an unfinished portrait

TALLINN - Like his life, Evald Okas' paintings have a story to tell. The narrative begins with a boy

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