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China IS the bogeyman

I have been reading for some time the total claptrap that your writer Gwynne Dyer spews forth in The

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Minority report

I am writing in response to your front page article (the last copy) featuring the events on March 16

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Spelling bee

Jan Taits in his letter, published in the March 10 's 16 issue, raised a complaint about a serious f

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God bless Lithuania

My great-grandparents moved to the United States over eighty years ago. My great-grandfather died in

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A voice heard

During a stop in Riga on my way to Sweden I read the article "Mental healthcare suffers chronic negl

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Let's not forget the youth

I am sending this message in response to the article "Today Purvciems, tomorrow the world" by Ben Ni

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Spelling match

I think Mr. Taits should look into how Latvia, by law, re-spells names into Latvian (making them in

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Hacked off

Each day I have the great pleasure of reading news about the Baltics on your Web site here in France

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To prevent any misunderstanding that might result from Prof. Aivars Stranga's interview in the Feb.

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Yours disappointed

It was a pleasure to visit your office in Tallinn last week and to speak with a reporter regarding t

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