God bless Lithuania

  • 2005-04-06
My great-grandparents moved to the United States over eighty years ago. My great-grandfather died in the coalmines of southern Illinois by his own will rather than dying for the Soviet slave masters he otherwise would've been a slave to. My dear great-grandmother is buried at the site that reminds her of her beloved Lithuania in northwestern Wisconsin.

I hope to one day visit your beautiful and free Lithuania, which you have done such a magnificent job with. Though the rest of the world - and even the American media- has criticized you as being puppets of George W. Bush, I know that that if God did not intend us to have bread, he would not have given us teeth, and if he had not given us teeth, he would not have intended us to bite. Let us bite hard and proud, against our aggressors and those who wish to do our small nation harm. You all have much to be proud of, my Lithuanian brothers and sisters, and America will continue to stand proudly at your side. Continue to be proud, and God bless Lithuania and the pope.

Sincerely, Jon Remkus

Illinois, United States


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