Center Party to sign agreement with United Russia

  • 2004-12-09
  • By The Baltic Times
TALLINN - The Center Party said it would sign a cooperation agreement with the pro-Kremlin United Russia that will provide for cooperation in the fields of education, culture and economy.

The Center Party's foreign secretary Mailis Reps said the party, which is lead by former Tallinn Mayor Edgar Savisaar, wanted to lead efforts to improve relations with Russia.

"The Center Party traditionally has good relations with European parties and for us Europe is definitely not limited to the European Union," Reps said.

Earlier the party, and Savisaar in particular, came under attack when plans to conclude the agreement were first announced. The United Russia party is widely seen as being instrumental in the growing environment of authoritarianism in Russia.

The signature of the agreement will take place at the National Library in Tallinn on Saturday. The accord is to be inked by Reps on behalf of the Center Party and foreign secretary Valery Gusev on behalf of United Russia.

The two parties plan to set up joint commissions consisting of their members, researchers and entrepreneurs to develop work in the aforementioned spheres.

Savisaar laid the groundwork for the agreement with the Russian party during a visit to Moscow in April.