Speed war on Estonia's broadband market

TALLINN - Earlier this month Estonia's biggest cable Internet service provider, Starman, made an ann

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Casinos play fair, say watchdogs

RIGA - With so many neon-lit casinos and slot-machine halls, a casual visitor to Riga may think he h

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The casino king and his expanding empire

As chairman of the executive board of the Olympic Casino Group, Armin Karu is the undisputed casino

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Investors rush to sow Lithuanian market

VILNIUS - Though the debate on legalizing gambling in Lithuania had been heated, in the end even the

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Baltic domain

Grab your surfing gear and head to the nearest computer: The Baltic Times' editorial team has scoute

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Success rates high with SMS-Internet scheme

TALLINN - In the summer of 2001, the dot-com boom that had generated thousands of high-paying jobs f

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Auctioning off an online auction site

RIGA - What will attract more people to seek Internet access at home? Apollo, a division of Lattelek

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Latvia connects, at a cost

RIGA - With more affordable programs for purchasing personal computers and a newly flourishing varie

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Estonian brainpower fuels computer software

TARTU - Although India may be far ahead, Estonia is rapidly becoming a software haven for an increas

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