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Superprofits at Estonian sanitoriums

TALLINN - Estonian sanatoriums are reportedly posting profits that only monopolistic business can bo

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Strange tour guides

VILNIUS - Lithuanian tour guides said they were concerned that Estonian companies might be using inc

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Ad to take Latvia to international airwaves

RIGA - Latvia will be brought into the homes of viewers across the globe next year, when CNN Interna

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Lithuania puts on show at World Travel Market

VILNIUS - London recently hosted one of the largest and most important business events - the World T

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Estonia sticks to ambitious long-term goals

TALLINN - For years now Estonian tourism officials have been trying to entice foreigners out of Tall

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Red tape still greatest challenge for business in Baltic Sea region

Bureaucracy is the greatest day-to-day problem and a major challenge for both efficient and comprehe

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Achema paves way to Western markets

One of the more recent examples of Baltic businesses taking advantage of EU accession and expanding

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President Koehler dashes through the Baltics

German President Horst Koehler was on a whirlwind tour of the Baltics this week in a show of support

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Baltic success story - come and see for yourself

The May accession to the European Union of the three Baltic states, whose markets once again are amo

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New expanded chamber of commerce chartered

Ten years ago Germany opened its first trade representative offices in the Baltic states. Since then

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