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New coalition to boot Savisaar, work out budget agreement

TALLINN - The Estonian capital was set to undergo a change in power on Thursday, as officials from t

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Udre unimpressive in EU parliamentary hearing

BRUSSELS - Latvia's EU commissioner designate Ingrida Udre answered deputies' questions for three ho

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Open season on NATO soldiers in Siauliai continues

VILNIUS - Two more NATO soldiers were attacked in Siauliai this weekend, with two officials of the D

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Parties agree on division of Tallinn posts, Savisaar's days are numbered

TALLINN - Res Public, the Reform Party and the People's Union announced on Friday that they have rea

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Tallinn City Council to hold confidence vote on Savisaar

TALLINN - Mayor Edgar Savisaar's rule came under fire when the Res Publica opposition, bolstered by

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Minister: Russian financial claims absurd

VILNIUS - Suggestions by Russia's Audit Chamber that the Baltics owe money for property left behind

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Parliament supports abolishing dual-citizenship for government leaders

RIGA - Parliament supported a draft law barring officials from holding two citizenships on Thursday,

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Estonian mark 10th anniversary of ferry disaster

TALLINN 's Estonians recalled the passenger ferry sinking that took hundreds of lives in 1994 throug

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Railway, mechanics reach a compromise

TALLINN 's Eesti Raudtee (Estonian Railway) struck a deal with striking engineers late Tuesday accor

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Parliament supports sacking of Junokas

VILNIUS 's Parliament on Tuesday approved President Valdas Adamkus' decision to dismiss Valentinas J

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