Tanks but no tanks

RIGA - Customs officials seized an illegal shipment of military hardware at RigaInternational Ai

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Cabinet reaches budget compromise

RIGA - The budget quagmire finally ended on Aug. 26 when the Cabinet of Ministersemerged from be

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Pro Patria may join Res Rublica on ticket

TALLINN - Pro Patria Union, one of the two minor opposition parties in Estonia'sParliament, said

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Defense strategy to focus on skilled personnel

TALLINN - Beginning next year Estonia's Defense Forces will draft fewer conscripts andtake furth

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Experts: no real alternative to EU accession

TALLINN - A negative outcome of the upcoming EU referendum would cause major economicand politic

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Reality TV explores life in EU

AFP RIGA - Latvia took its European Union membership referendum campaign into people'shomes on A

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In Brief - 2003-08-28

Presidential palace evacuatedAll staff was evacuated from Riga Palace, the official residence of

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Karaims take up efforts to avoid slow extinction

RFE/RL PRAGUE - Optimism, a new CD-ROM and a summer program are just three of the toolsbeing use

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For Russia, Ventspils off the radar screen

MOSCOW - The classic example of game theory is the prisoner's dilemma, a situation inwhich two c

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