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Gazprom puts offer on table

VILNIUS - A revised bid on the price of a 34 percent stake in the natural-gas utility Lietuvos Dujos

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New 'old' brands entice consumers

RIGA - With supermarket shelves stacked full of shiny, glossy and often sterile products, each of wh

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Estonia among world's freest

RIGA - A Washington think tank issued its annual report on economic freedom last month, ranking Esto

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Anti-tobacco summit ratifies agreement

HELSINKI - Scientists, officials and activists from 130 countries ended a conference on the risks of

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Candidates dreaming of euro

AFP VIENNA - Former communist countries in Central Europe hope to adopt the euro by 2010, but while

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Seating problems in enlarged EU

AFP BRUSSELS - With nine months to go before the EU's historic expansion, the enlarged bloc is alrea

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Illegal immigrants face one-way ticket out

AFP BRUSSELS - Illegal immigrants or false asylum seekers would be expelled from the European Union

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Rocket fuel transfer pushed back again

VILNIUS - A series of reports in the Russian media blaming Lithuania for delays in transporting rock

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Officials impede formal extradition request

VILNIUS - Buried under a mountain of bureaucratic procedures, the issue of where rock star Bertrand

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Budget induces more than split hairs

RIGA - Latvia's ruling coalition remains torn by increasing differences over next year's national bu

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