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2003: year of the rise of populism in Baltics

Toomas Hendrik Ilves, who served as Estonia's minister of foreign affairs for almost seven years, no

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Sitting here in the faraway Baltics it is difficult to gauge just how "disastrous" the pivotal EU su

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(In)tolerance and (in)correct interpretation

Browsing at a bookstore recently in the nonfiction aisle, a particular book caught my eye. As is my

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Analysis: Anticorruption, or targeting opponents?

The last few weeks have seen a number of big shake-ups in the government's ongoing fight against the

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Understanding takes time

Once again Elisabeth Schroedter, a member of the European Parliament from Germany and co-author of a

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For almost 75 years the West struggled to rid the world of the evil of Soviet communism. Except for

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Letter to the editor: Free the children

Two fascinating articles about Latvia's orphan care system have appeared in The Baltic Times in rece

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Latvia empathizes with Iraq

Latvia recently celebrated her 85th anniversary. Fifty of those years were spent living under Soviet

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Analysis: Paksas' Achilles heel

President Rolandas Paksas does not like the media. Nor is he very comfortable talking to a camera or

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Lithuania's system of privatization is a disaster. Time and time again the State Property Fund, abet

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