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Kalev reports sweet sales, sour profits

TALLINN - Leading confectioner Kalev reported its nine-month results, showing an 11.5 percent increa

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Timber prices reach new heights

RIGA - The rising cost of forest resources in Latvia has forced local wood processors to search for

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Stumbras products off shelves, into Latvia

VILNIUS - Stocks of Stumbras alcoholic beverages have been diminishing quickly in Lithuanian shops,

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International Water backs out of Tallinn

TALLINN - International Water has sold its holding in Tallinna Vesi, Tallinn's main water company, t

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Ethnic Russians in Latvia hold own in business

PRAGUE - A number of Russian speakers in Latvia have had no trouble adapting to new capitalist ways.

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Krausta leading work on mega-arena

VILNIUS - Construction on the new 20,000-square-meter basketball arena is continuing, with the Kauna

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Liepaja cannery unveils its ambitions

RIGA - Liepaja Fish Cannery announced its plans to become one of the largest fish processing compani

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Packaging-law amendments irritate businesses

TALLINN - Estonian retailers may receive an extra headache if amendments to the packaging law are ap

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Baltic Hospitality: Pickpockets, beggars, squalid busses tarnish Tallinn

TALLINN - Although Estonians like to consider themselves as a Nordic people, they are - perhaps more

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Baltic Hospitality: Tallinn's hotels struggling to accommodate all

TALLINN - "Even though so many new hotels have recently emerged in Tallinn, there are still not enou

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