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Comparatively, Lithuania still the cheapest

RIGA - A recent study of retail prices in the three Baltic states has shown that there are significa

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100 largest banks in Eastern Europe

TALLINN - The recent issue of "The Banker" magazine has ranked the 100 largest banks in Eastern and

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Latvian ministry to promote export

RIGA - In order to even out the country's trade balance, Latvia's Ministry of Economy has elaborated

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Beware the real estate bubble

TALLINN - Estonian leading real estate experts are saying expectations that real estate prices would

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EU to hit U.S.A. with sanctions if WTO ignored

GENEVA - The European Union said Nov. 24 it would slap billions of dollars in sanctions on U.S. good

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Latvia's shipper fully privatised

RIGA - One of Latvia's largest companies, Latvijas Kugnieciba (Latvian Shipping Company, or LASCO) w

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Lawmakers to crack down on supermarkets

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian government is drafting legislation that would impose tougher restrictions o

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Utility privatizations raise as many questions as cash

VILNIUS - The privatization of Lithuania's two national electricity distribution grids has been tran

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Galvex launches new production line

TALLINN - Galvex Estonia officially launched its steel galvanization facility last week in the Port

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Balts study merits of public-private partnerships

VILNIUS - An innovative business model giving private interests managerial oversight over public ser

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