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Letters to editor

Nazis and SovietsI am writing in response to the opinion piece by Janis Bolsteins ("Chasing phant

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The attack the superstore

Neighborhood shops in the Baltics are closing at an alarming rate, falling victim to the growing pop

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Mixing oil and politics

When Lithuania's strategic investor at the nation's single oil refinery — the U.S. Energy group Will

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Coping with vowels

To those unfamiliar with the language, Estonian seems nearly impossible to learn and even harder to

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Lietuvos Telekomas leads Lithuanian market fall

Baltic stock market indexes remained relatively unchanged last week despite steep declines on U.S. a

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Still waiting for Latvia's office rental boom

RIGADespite Latvia's relatively robust economy and increasing foreign investment, there is still

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Decision near in retail trademark fight

The trademark dispute between Estonian retailer Saastumarket and the German discount retailer Lidl i

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SAS plans to launch new routes

STOCKHOLMScandinavian Airlines System said it intended to launch a number of lower-price routes t

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Finnish insurers, savings banks create new group

HELSINKILeading Finnish insurance companies Pohjola and Suomi and 33 small savings banks this wee

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Copyright infringement ongoing fight in Baltics

RIGALatvia has made progress cracking down on intellectual property theft, but officials say ther

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