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Alcohol sale ban hits kiosks

TALLINNKiosk owners all over the country this week were bemoaning the loss of their main source o

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Latvian oil a long shot

RIGAThe Norwegian-U.S. firm that won rights to investigate the oil potential of Latvia's Baltic

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Lithuania opens door for Yukos management

VILNIUSLithuania's government dec-lined to exercise its right to buy back shares in the Mazeikiu

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Ministry threatens Estonian rail closure

NARVAThe Transport and Communication Ministry cancelled the safety certificate of Estonian Railwa

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Sweden asks Finns to take refugees

HELSINKISwedish Prime Minister Goeran Person last week urged Finland to take in more refugees, sa

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Ex-Koenigsburgers return

KALININGRAD "Nostalgia tourism" by former German residents of the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad

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Berezovsky wields wealth in battle against Putin

MOSCOWExiled Russian billionaire Boris Berezovsky pledged Sept. 9 to spend some 3 percent of his

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Researchers confirm 14th-century coin finding

VILNIUSThe Lithuanian National Museum said last week that 62 silver coins discovered this summer

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Smog blankets Vilnius, health problems result

VILNIUSSmog which has enveloped Vilnius for more than a week is causing wide spread health proble

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HIV-positive student barred from first day of school

RIGAOn what should have been his first day at school, 11-year-old Aleksandrs of Riga was not even

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