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Education in crisis

Lithuania's move from its difficult past into a brighter future while seeking membership in the worl

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There's an old Estonian saying: you never get a bump in the same place twice. But this time it happe

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Fighting a battle for culture

The Lithuanian press continued this week to cover a festering scandal that wouldn't go away. It i

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Tales of the unexpected

Siim Kallas has been Estonia's prime minister for barely four months, and already he has gained a so

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Baltic trading activity boosted by seatbelt shares

The Baltic Index of 13 Latvian, Lithuania and Estonian blue chip prices in euros inched up 0.17 perc

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Finland approves first nuclear reactor since Chernobyl

AFP HELSINKIFinland's Parliament has approved the construction of a fifth nuclear reactor, th

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U.S. could increase oil dependency on Russia

AFP MOSCOWRussia and the United States launched a "new energy dialogue" on May 24 that could redu

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Brutus maximus

In only 10 years, the founders of the Lithuanian company Vilniaus Prekyba have transformed investmen

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Tartu to revitalize ancient river route to Russia

TARTUThe Estonian university town of Tartu and the city of Pskov, Russia, are eager to restore a

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New investor lifts money out of railway

TALLINNThe new owner of the freight arm of the Estonian rail system Baltic Railway Services wants

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