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Students angry as Cabinet keeps allowances down

TALLINNThe Federation of Estonian Student Unions is planning to stage a large-scale protest on Ma

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KILLER SEIZED: Polish border guards have detained a Russian suspected of murdering four people in Es

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Teen detained after tragic death

RIGAPolice officials have detained a 14-year-old boy in connection with the death of a 12-year-ol

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Russia warms up to NATO

RIGANATO and Russia signed a strategic alliance this week at a meeting of NATO foreign ministers

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Soviet crimes compensated

AFP HELSINKIIrja Stenberg's voice cracks and her eyes well up with tears as she recalls the day a

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Monument divides society on Victory Day

RIGAThere can be few more dramatic symbols of national division in Latvia than the Victory Monume

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Lithuania throws Europe-size party

VILNIUSDespite differences over nuclear reactors, farm subsidies and other issues, a recent festi

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Law change clears path to NATO

RIGAAfter several hours of heated debate Latvia's Parliament voted on May 10 to drop language req

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Students mark double anniversary with serious fun

Tartu University recently celebrated centuries of intellectual achievement. The students marked the

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Criticism for new-look Web site

What is arguably the best museum in the Baltic states recently launched a new-look Web site to provi

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