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Maritime madness to mark big birthday

The Lithuanian city of Klaipeda will mark its complex past with a gigantic birthday party, as Ausrin

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Estonians curing the summertime blues

An increasing number of young Estonians are broadening their horizons and bettering their bank balan

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Bonaparte's boys ride again in Lithuania

Military re-enactments are about more than just clownish men in uniforms firing muskets, as Rokas M.

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Snowdrifts to salsa: far-flung Latvians

Insects. Floods. Crime-ridden streets, tropical birds and scorching heat.These were just a few of

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Tempting alternatives to tried and tired sports

The world has started paying attention to the cultural treasures of the Baltics lately, following th

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Latvia's gamblers chancing it in trying times

RIGAWhile organized gambling has been around in different forms longer than anyone cares to remem

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Fearless forecasts for future shock

The world is changing so rapidly that no one knows what is around the next corner. However, Philip B

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Lithuanian bikers born to be mild

While motorcycling enthusiasts may have a bad rep in the West, their Lithuanian counterparts are mor

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Students mark double anniversary with serious fun

Tartu University recently celebrated centuries of intellectual achievement. The students marked the

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In days of old, when oligarchs were bold

Family crests and coats of arms are not just the stuff of medieval legends. Latvia's new rich are di

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