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Latvia braces for international folk invasion

RIGAFirst Eurovision, now Europeade - it is now definite that in two years' time Riga will host o

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Sexism or savvy selling: Lithuania's bikini blitz

An American impresario is taking Lithuanian beauty and turning it into a marketing tool, as Tassos C

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Mystical medicine for the modern world

RIGATeo Alens doesn't at all fit the conventional image of a shaman. A youthful 43-year-old, he i

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Creating a heart for the concrete jungle

Long derided as the epitome of high-rise Soviet ugliness, Tallinn's Lasnamae suburb is being rejuven

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Life has never been so good - for some

Elections are a good opportunity to take stock of how far a country has advanced in the preceding fe

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Arsenals festival takes a trip to the moon

Riga's biennial film festival pays tributes to the roots of motion pictures this year, as Laimons Ju

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Get in style or you're going down fast

Latvia urgently needs government action to fight one of its most pressing problems - badly dressed m

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Six cylinders and the smell of burning rubber

Young Estonians are getting crazy about another Western youth culture classic - drag racing. Sara To

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Riding the summer hot air in Vilnius

The Lithuanian capital has the right stuff for being a top ballooning venue, as Matt Kovalick report

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Soccer minnows battling for position

With some success abroad tempered by ethnic squabbles at home, soccer in Estonia is a fair reflectio

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