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Balts quickly stripping away Soviet inhibitions

As the spring sun finally starts to shine - and shine beautifully - people across the Baltics are ta

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Latvian bush dancing sweeps across Australia

ADELAIDEPolkas, early waltzes, clap dancing and hip banging - just about every element of Latvian

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Many answers to the million-Lat question

Because of their turbulent history, Latvians spend a lot of time wondering about their identity. One

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Unraveling the unrivaled mystery of Riga

RIGACities are mysterious places. Think of Baudelaire's Paris. Or Joyce's Dublin. Or Dicken's Lon

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Go directly to sleaze, do not pass morality

The game of Monopoly is based on outdated concepts of fair play and fun. Philip Birzulis suggests a

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Landmark exhibition of Christianity in Lithuanian art

VILNIUSFor all the magnificence of its monumental heritage, Vilnius has traditionally had only a

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A courageous Latvian's lifetime march to NATO

A lifetime's experience has made one Latvian understand why her country must join the Western defens

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Estonian names keep on puzzling through the centuries

To conclude our three-part series of features about names in the Baltic states, Aleksei Gunter finds

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Latvian names are more than just Janis

In the second of a three-part feature, Timothy Jacobs finds that over the centuries Latvian names ha

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The changing fashions of Lithuanian names

In the first of a three-part feature, Rokas M. Tracevskis looks at what it's hip to call your child

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