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Read all about 2003, before it happens - a TBT exclusive

2003 will go down as a curious year in the annals of Baltic history. Guided by our redoubtable polit

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How to stuff a Christmas stocking in the Baltics

RIGAChristmas is with us once again. And with it comes the traditional nightmare of trying to cho

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Latvia starts to reap the benefits of Eurovision

RIGAThe countdown to the Eurovision Song Contest is now well and truly underway. A specially stag

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Extravaganza with a twist set to rock Tallinn

TALLINNThe idea of a modern ballet that fuses the rhythms of legendary glam-rock group Queen, cla

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Lady felons get sexy behind bras

A recent beauty pageant involving convicted women captivated Lithuania, as Rokas M. Tracevskis repor

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Returning to Lithuania's deep religious roots

VILNIUSThere was something other-worldly happening on Vilnius' Gediminas Hill on Oct. 19. A sacre

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Divining the future of fun in Lithuania

Bored in Vilnius? Ambitious entertainment projects mean that in a few years you may have all the exc

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Big-time bowling on a rollicking roll in Riga

One of the world's less trendy sports recently came down the alley to the Latvian capital, as J. Mic

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Salsa dancers heat up Tallinn nightlife

Hot Latin dancing is being welcomed by cool Estonians, as Steve Roman reports.The dance floor is

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Sun, sand and starvation for celebrity castaways

The Baltics are no exception to the global fascination with reality TV, and a local version of the g

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