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Further cause for NATO optimism

Lithuania received further assurances last week that it would be admitted into NATO in the next wave

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Labor force approaches EU realm

On Nov. 28, Lithuania and the European Union made key decisions that will one day open doors for Lit

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Ex-mayor charged in Swedish ship case

Former Riga mayor, Maris Purgailis, has been indicted for negligence in a case concerning a Swedish

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President pardons cop killer

Latvian President Vaira Vike-Freiberga on Dec. 5 pardoned a man convicted of the manslaughter of two

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Court hears shocking case of negligence

The regional court in the eastern Latvian town of Rezekne handed down a three-year sentence on Dec.

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Meri supports new party

The former president of Estonia, Lennart Meri, has expressed strong support for the formation of a n

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Crime prevention to focus on youth

The Estonian government will focus its crime prevention activities on the country's youth who, the m

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Estonia gears up to host Eurovision

Annely Peebo, leading light of the Vienna Opera, and well-known Estonian actor Marko Matvere have be

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PLANT POWER: Prince Charles' flower girl, who slapped the royal nose with a red carnation while the

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President calls for popular elections

Having earlier called for discussion of whether she should still be elected by Parliament, Latvia's

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