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Controversial Latvian budget passes Saeima

The Saeima (Latvia's parliament) passed the controversial 2002 national budget Nov. 29, despite oppo

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Row breaks out over imports

Small importers of fruits and vegetables are nervously eyeing new regulations requiring documentatio

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Twelve steps to success

Step 7: Practice the "Golden Rule""Not only can a man be honest and grow rich, but it is almos

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New appointments in the Baltics

Joseph De Thomas on Nov. 9 took the oath of office making him the United States' new ambassador to E

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Less room to smuggle goods

Illegal Estonian sugar, Russian cigarettes and Lithuanian pantyhose are flowing across the Latvian b

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SHIPPING LAWSUIT: The Latvian Shipping Company may bring a lawsuit against Latvia for damages incurr

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Tax reform effort picks up momentum

The Lithuanian government is forging ahead with a comprehensive tax-reform package it hopes will fac

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Truckers sit on Russian-Baltic borders

Animosity between the Baltic states and Russia flared yet again as kilometer-long queues of trucks b

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Lithuanians shudder in disbelief at bestseller

Lithuanians are smarting over their country's portrayal in a bestselling work of fiction that has ju

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Latvia faces more corruption criticism

Corruption is an obstacle to European Union accession Latvia is not facing up to, the departing head

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