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MOONSHINE DEATHS STILL RISING: As of Oct. 12, 67 people have died and 19 remain in hospital sufferin

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Campaign planned to raise awareness on trade in women

VILNIUS - The International Migration Organization is launching an information campaign in the three

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Research: minority rights not fully protected

RIGA - Both minority rights for ethnic Russians and Roma in the Baltics and European Union human rig

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Media suspect war reporter of deception

TALLINN - Estonian news media organizations are quickly backing away from interviews with a journali

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Ambassador tells Balts to stay alert against terror

Britain has taken a high-profile role in the international fight against terror. Christopher Robbins

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Bioterror fever reaches Baltics

VILNIUS - The anthrax scare reached the Baltics this week as three letters containing suspicious whi

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Senior judge gunned down outside apartment

RIGA - A senior Latvian judge, Janis Laukroze, was shot dead outside his apartment on Lacplesa Stree

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Forest in a basket

RIGA - There is an old legend about early Latvians who sat in oak trees eating mushrooms. To the for

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Giving a helping hand to culture

The October issue of BBC Music Magazine ( features several articles on Esto

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"NATO is not for everybody," screamed one Russian-language newspaper in Riga after the Vilnius 10 su

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