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PRIZED HUMORIST: Viliumas Malinauskas, 58, creator of the famous Grutas Park, in southern Lithuania,

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Foreign military bases not to be located in Latvia

RIGA - Attempting to pre-empt protests, Latvian Prime Minister Andris Berzins on Oct. 3 told reporte

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U.S. action supported by Baltics

VILNIUS - The Baltic states have declared support for the attacks launched by the United States and

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Portraying Lithuanian corruption

VILNIUS - Most Lithuanians say they are against corruption, but 61 percent are prepared to offer bri

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Lithuanian police end Panevezys hostage drama

VILNIUS - At midnight on Oct. 8-9 police stormed an apartment in Panevezys, northern Lithuania and k

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Balts optimistic on NATO enlargement

RIGA - Returning from a summit of countries hoping to join NATO, in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, La

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The voice of a nation preserves traditions

VILNIUS - The name Veronika Povilioniene is one that stirs great emotion and inspiration for all Lit

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Kitten goes global online

Can a country like Latvia preserve its ancient language and culture in the age of globalization? The

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Veiled threats

This week U.S. President George Bush announced new security measures on all flights, including the i

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Despite the burst of the dot-com bubble and the slowdown of e-commerce due to fraud, the IT industry

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