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CLEANER TALIBAN: Naujoji Ringuva, a leading producer of soap and washing powder, is one of the few L

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Germans try to win back Latvijas Gaze

RIGA - German gas giants Ruhrgas and E.ON Energie, both of which hold stakes in Latvijas Gaze, the n

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Eesti Energia announces big price hikes

TALLINN - Estonian energy monopoly Eesti Energia has announced that electricity prices will rise by

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No-fly zone expands over Ignalina nuclear plant

VILNIUS - The Soviet military once looked upon the Ignalina nuclear power plant as a last-ditch defe

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Estonia embarrassed over UNESCO debts

TALLINN - Estonia paid its UNESCO member fee at the last minute to prevent being thrown out of the o

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Rookie drivers drink and speed

TALLINN - According to statistics released this week by the Estonian national car registry center, 1

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Coalition forms commission to settle disagreements

TALLINN - Estonia's ruling coalition will form a special commission to settle interparty problems th

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Supreme Court acquits radicals of terrorism

RIGA - Three Russian National Bolsheviks convicted of breaking into St. Peter's Church tower in Riga

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Agreement to host ice hockey championship signed

RIGA - International Ice Hockey Federation President Rene Fasel and Secretary General Jan-Ake Edvins

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EU could invest in higher security of candidates

RIGA - European Union candidate countries could enjoy additional investment in their internal securi

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