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How the giant stubbed his toe

Giants are a tender species. We know this from fairy tales.The littler townsfolk fear them

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So Latvia's center-right governing coalition has lost Riga. Latvia's capital city which a

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Baltic bourses sink with world markets

Most Baltic stock exchange indexes last week followed world stock market trends down. The Baltic Ind

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IMF deal to yield investments

RIGA - In an attempt to attract more foreign investment to Latvia and show local willingness to cont

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Expense reports are vital

"Some people regard discipline as a chore. For me, it is a kind of order that sets me free to fly."

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Illegal vodka worries liquor producer

TALLINN - Officials from the Estonian Customs Department and other institutions support the idea rec

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Varner wins desirable site

RIGA - The Norwegian company Varner and Partners was announced as the winner of a tender on constru

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Lithuania fears becoming Nordic investment colony

VILNIUS - While Lithuania does not face much economic risk from the fact that its foreign investment

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WTO accession will slash pirated software

VILNIUS - Last week the Lithuanian Parliament adopted an agreement with the World Trade Organization

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Off the wire

LATVIA TO TENDER OIL: The first stage in the tender for a license to search, survey and develop poss

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