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Proposed dams threaten endangered salmon

STAICELE - The banks of the Salaca River, quietly winding below Daina Avotina's guest house, are res

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Artistic controversy erupts around president's memory

RIGA - As parliamentary elections approach, Latvian society is ready to split in two over yet anothe

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When the Baltics thrilled the world

An accomplishment is nothing to sniff at, whether it involves a daredevil stunt or eating a crate of

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Hostage drama shakes locals' faith in Panevezys

PANEVEZYS - For many it came as no surprise that the violent hostage drama that took place in Lithua

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Forest in a basket

RIGA - There is an old legend about early Latvians who sat in oak trees eating mushrooms. To the for

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The voice of a nation preserves traditions

VILNIUS - The name Veronika Povilioniene is one that stirs great emotion and inspiration for all Lit

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Controversial monument millionaire reveals future plans

RIGA - Jevgeny Gomberg has had a very high media profile lately. Most of the attention has focused o

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Methanol carnage grips resort town at summer's end

PARNU - "The parents of my daughter's classmate were taken away by ambulance. Thank God the father i

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Relaxing sound of leather on willow heard in Baltics

RIGA - In Riga's VEF Stadium on Sept. 2, a leisurely battle was fought between Latvia and Estonia. T

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Autumnal equinox festivities start in capital

VILNIUS - Riga is not the only city in the Baltics that knows how to have a good time. True, "Rig

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