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Estonia's fruitful friendship clan - a club for men only

TALLINN - "It is around a table that friends understand best the warmth of being together."It was

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Lithuanians take to skies as flying season reaches peak

VILNIUS - The summer months are finding Lithuania a hotbed of piloted gliding competitions. Lithuani

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When survival is a playground garden

RIGA - Almost 70 percent of Latvia's inhabitants own a little parcel of land, a small garden of abou

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Safe sanctuary found for lucky few: Street children beg for love in daily fight for survival

TALLINN - The number of street children in Tallinn is growing rapidly. They can be seen running up a

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Anarchists, nihilists and assassins Lithuania's greatest son is actually her despised, unknown daughter

VILNIUS - Last month Simeon Borisov Saxe Colburg, the former boy king of Bulgaria, was swept to vict

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Happy ending to wartime love story

TALLINN - As The Baltic Times reported in January (TBT #241), local Ellen Salumae and German soldier

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The mysterious riddle of the Riga mummy

RIGA - Ancient Egypt, the land of the Nile Delta, was the most fertile and powerful land in ancient

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When a person who wants to live in Latvia cannot

RIGA - If you visit Olaine Prison, don't expect swift attention. After waiting 45 minutes, a guard f

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One story of deportation to the death camps of Siberia

In 1940, the U.S.S.R. invaded and occupied Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. This month marks the 60th

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Mobile ring tone mania invades streets

RIGA - Nowadays, it seems, every single inhabitant of Riga has a mobile phone. The electronic commun

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