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Hiker sinks into wilds to help children

RIGA - On April 17, a man named BJ Martin left Latvia to begin an epic 2,658 mile walking journey of

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Island of bohemia

VILNIUS - Most tourist guides to Vilnius either forget or refuse to mention this café, yet Kerry Key

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Diving with the jump masters

TALLINN - "You feel the air right away, like a cushion, as you come down. There's a sense of freedom

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Milda kidnapped by terrorists

Dear readers and staff of The Baltic Times,I feel I must bring an incident of highest importance

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Ruins come alive to independence parade

VILNIUS - For those of us who think of Andorra and Monaco as being curious cultural and political an

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Riga circus struggles through legal battle

RIGA - With the crumbling red dome of Riga's historic circus close to collapse, a court decision thi

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Watch out! Swindlers on the loose

TALLINN - A bunch of tricksters is lurking to swindle you out of your last kroon, if you are naive e

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The Bharatnatyam dancer

TALLINN - For 34-year-old Pille Roosi, "Art is universal in its significance. It cannot be confined

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From Russia with shrugs: The Russians in Russia have a few good things to say about their Baltic neighbors

ST. PETERSBURG - Irina doesn't have a clue what life is like in the Baltics, for Russians or anyone

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Busy bee of charity brings villages back to life

TALLINN - Nine years of hard social work, 130 projects, dozens of thankful people and no publicity.

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