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Pagan or Christian, it's still a reason to celebrate

RIGA, VILNIUS and TALLINN - Christmas traditions throughout the Baltics tread a fine line between pa

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Chinese students seek European experience in Estonia

"East is East, and West is West, and the twain shall one day meet." This is how Madis Habakuk, the p

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National orchestra has reason to celebrate

The Estonian National Symphony Orchestra recently turned 75. After starting off as a radio broadcast

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Hanukkah - light the menorah for eight festive nights

Before World War II, more than 100,000 Jews called the Baltic states home - between 95, 000 and 96,0

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Is it really eroticism or just neuroticism?

RIGA - A life-size Arnold Schwarzenegger forearm dildo, vibrating vaginas, strap-on breasts and porn

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Giving comfort to Latvians in a strange land

RIGA - The village of Lena lies deep in the Norwegian countryside, far from the capital of Oslo. The

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Festival for pelican bluesmen of Alcatraz, Riga

RIGA - A long time ago there was a thriving habitat for pelicans about a mile off the coast of San F

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Legendary basketball team says, "Where's the dough?"

VILNIUS - Government officials and representatives from Zalgiris basketball club met last week to t

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Life and times in an Estonian corner of Italy

MILAN - More than 60 years ago, Ernest Hemingway wrote that if you traveled to all the harbors of th

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Estonian grill masters win hearts and stomachs

TALLINN - A six-member team of Estonian expert BBQers is eager to show the world just how well they

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