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Hospitals have run out of money

TALLINN - Thousands of patients are waiting in lines for beds in hospital wards whose health insuran

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Less local government needed

TALLINN - The administrative reform of local governments has reached a new level when county governo

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Cold temperature claims 10 lives

RIGA - Global warming is possibly one of the most serious environmental threats to this planet, but

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Government doubts LISCO privatization

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian government will decide on further steps in the process of privatizing the L

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Can Lithuania become a Baltic Tiger?

In the last decade, the economic success of the Republic of Ireland has been nothing short of miracu

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The four corners of Latvian society

To clearly understand the Latvian society of tomorrow, one must spend a lot of time with the childre

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Better one in NATO than none

Suddenly Estonian politicians have decided that their country is a Baltic state, not a Scandinavian

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SEB funds "flew away" from the Baltics

Last week trading accounts were settled in Swedish Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken's (SEB) purchase of

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Lithuania's central bank says no litas repegging before mid-2001

VILNIUS - On Nov. 20 the Bank of Lithuania reiterated that decisions about the planned repegging of

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Estonians buy Rigas Aditajs

RIGA (BNS) - Estonia's knitwear garment maker Hipo has purchased a 78 percent stake or 949,493 share

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