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New alliance to promote e-commerce

VILNIUS – A new alliance has been formed in Lithuania with the goal of making e-commerce in the coun

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Off the wire

RACKS UP THE DOLLARS: Lithuania's leading furniture manufacturer, Vilniaus Baldu Kombinatas, announc

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Carlsberg to avoid monopoly laws by selling brewery

VILNIUS – Following the ruling by the Lithuanian State Competition Authority, Dannish brewing giant

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Succeeding in making fish from fish soup

The 82nd anniversary of Latvia's independence on Nov. 18 was marked by rain and fog. However, that d

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Latvian media man on U.S. top 100 list

RIGA – According to U.S. entertainment magazine Hollywood Reporter, Latvian Independent Television d

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Vilnius' Lutherans celebrate

VILNIUS – Most visitors to Vilnius are astounded by the beauty of the many baroque Roman Catholic ch

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Lithuanian official's surprise purchase

WASHINGTON, D.C. –VILNIUS (BNS) – Lithuanian Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Vygaudas Usackas bou

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City reclaims half of building

VILNIUS – Many a Vilniusite has probably wondered why the stately building at the corner of Traku a

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Costs of living in Baltic capital cities low Ð Financial Times

VILNIUS (BNS) Ð Cost of living in the Baltic capitals is comparatively low, and Vilnius, Riga and Ta

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Usackas promotes Lithuania's need for EU

VILNIUS – Hot on the heels of the European Commission's recent report on Lithuanian accession p

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