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TALLINN (BNS) - Voting during the extraordinary session of the Estonian parliament on Aug. 14 was by

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Estonia plans to extend mission in Kosovo

TALLINN (BNS) - Estonian Defense Minister Juri Luik said the government was planning to extend the E

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IT companies now seek brilliance and a diploma

RIGA - The need for workers is putting young people in jobs before they are ready, say IT personnel

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Danes have Latvia in court over phone breakup

RIGA - Tilts Communications, the Danish subsidiary of Finnish telecom giant Sonera and owner of 49 p

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Landscape before the election battle looks colorful

VILNIUS - There are some 40 political parties in Lithuania, but only a few of them are the main ride

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Campaign fever in Lithuania

VILNIUS - Parliamentary election campaign fever, with its public amusement shows and sniping mutual

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The Bottom line

Farewell, adiosAccording to a poll conducted among young women in Latvia, most would leave boyfri

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Knocking on the fortress door

As the Baltic states prepare to join EU, people gather to the east, in Belarus and Russia, hoping t

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Freedom of the press accommodates the anti-Semitic article in the Kapitals August issue, an article

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Baltic Index up on euro drop

The main stock indexes on the Baltic states bourses fell last week but the Baltic Index, in terms of

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