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Police recommend alarm systems in flats

VILNIUS - Every day Lithu--anian papers write about thefts from Vilniusites' flats. Flats inhabited

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Tire wagons to leave Latvia soon

RIGA - A consignment of used tires abandoned in Latvia by a Norwegian company two years ago is soon

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Digital government for the digital age?

RIGA - The Latvian government, in cooperation with the international software giant Microsoft, has s

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Estonia's Waffen-SS soldiers hold secret reunion

TALLINN (BNS) - Estonia's former Waffen-SS soldiers semi-secretly held a remembrance meeting at Sini

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Medicine reduces damage in children's bone disease

TALLINN (BNS) - Doctors in the Estonian town of Tartu are possibly the first in the world to discove

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Connecting to the West: Estonia seeks to sever its ties with Russian power networks

TALLINN - When talking about Estonian energy it isn't always implied one is talking about NRG, t

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Twenty Estonian schools to shut down

TALLINN - While Estonia's budding prosperity might evoke images of lively, packed classrooms and pla

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Language regulations still pending

RIGA -- Regulations to implement Latvia's language law are awaiting the Cabinet's approval after a r

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More human rights, more Russian and more understanding

RIGA - No one should look at human rights from the perspective of the state, at the restrictions, sa

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Summed up

SINGING FOR CASH: The Latvian group Zig Zag won the Grand Prix of 1,500 lats ($2,454) in Liepaj

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