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Mazeikiu Nafta gets crude

VILNIUS (BNS) - The Lithuanian oil concern Mazeikiu Nafta, which is one-third owned and operated by

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Lithuanian supermarket operator to expand in Latvia

RIGA (BNS) - Vilniaus Prekybos, parent company of the biggest shopping centers and grocery chains in

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Latvia hopes to see Icelandic tourists and their wallets

RIGA - The main idea of the Latvia-Iceland treaty on tourism signed Aug. 1 is to let the two countr

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For government Web sites in Estonia, English can wait

TALLINN - For a foreigner who does not speak Estonian, government Web sites are not the best sources

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Latvia seeks mobile operator in GSM 1800 frequency

RIGA (BNS) - The Latvian government decided Aug. 1 a tender for the third mobile communications oper

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State energy monopoly stays, for now

RIGA - In the extraordinary session on Aug. 3, Parliament adopted the amendments to the energy law p

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Off the wire

MORE MEAT: Data for the first seven months of this year shows Lithuanian beef, poultry and sub-produ

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Linux gaining ground in Estonia

TALLINN - About 50 percent of Estonia's Web servers are now built on the Linux operating system, and

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Estonia eyes U.S. computers

Eased U.S. controls to benefit the country's banks and image TALLINN - U.S. President Clinton ann

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Klaipeda port to get $57 million face lift

VILNIUS (BNS) - The World Bank has granted a 17-year loan of $35.36 million for the reconstruction

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