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Silkinas remains the world's best long distance runner

VILNIUS - Lithuanian Petras Silkinas, 59, finished a 1,000-mile run as world champion for the second

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Former Prime Minister Andris Skele left Latvia last week for Germany saying there was "no crisis in

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Can you hear them next door?

While independence anniversaries are celebrated in the Baltic States, neighboring Belarus suffers fr

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Earnings of the Baltic List companies

EstoniaTotal assets of Estonia's Optiva Bank increased by 136 million kroons or 4 percent, in Mar

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Baltic List share prices down

Last weeks profit-taking not only finally broke the bull run in Ventspils Nafta's shares, but pulled

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Latvia hosts foremost minds in IT

RIGA - The seventh international information and technology exhibition Baltic IT&T 2000 entertained

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Government plans to get $2,033,900 more by lowering tax

RIGA - The Latvian Ministry of Finance is planning on an increase in government revenue through the

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Lithuania strives to improve positive export to Latvia

VILNIUS (ELTA) - The Lithuanian government has vowed to clear the way to export of national goods an

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The Estonian economy is on a rise

TALLINN - The Estonian economic situation can be rated satisfactory and is continually improving but

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Lithuanians prefer business with Northern Europe

VILNIUS - The image of the foreign country from where a prospective business partner comes can also

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